Monsters and Other Childish Things – InThralled

Music plays in a white room.

Four teenagers with extraordinary abilities find themselves trapped in a strange prison, with no memory of how they arrived. They will need to work together to save themselves from a deadly danger.

Side Chatter


  • Max – Therese Guinness.  Large zombie girl crafted from the bodies of many dead people.  Has six arms but doesn’t always wear them all.
  • Nate – Geneva.  A space alien with strange gills and a lot of jewelry.  She is composed of silicone minerals and can reconfigure her body into many different alignments.
  • Sam – Marian Mitchell.  A teenage girl whose curiosity has gotten her into trouble more than once.  Oh also she has a connection to a death god who can turn her into a bird monster.
  • Zach – Sei.  Tall dark and mysterious boy who is driven by a strong desire for justice.  May be part shadow monster.


  1. As is the way of Manda Monsters& games, this was a whole lot of fun to listen to! Descriptions of setting, reactions/development/escalation, NPCs, and the overall feels of this game (like kinda this “Portal” or “Bioshock” type of dark humour and weird humour of situation?) was really cool.

    Manda, you present a really cool setting and scenario, I applaud you on that.

    And each character brought something to the table, even though I kinda groaned at more than a few times, all of them were pretty distinct and interesting in different ways.
    – Geneva and her 90’s styled alien nature and enthusiastic naivety and the development of her “relationship” with Marian.
    – Therese and her zombie “Hulkstermania” and just giving absolutely zero F***s! XD
    – Sei being so goddamned superhero. (totally Kamen Rider!)
    – And then Marian, straight gal through all this absurd madness and then “Blood for the blood god! etc, etc”. so good!

    Really just entertaining to listen to, this is the kind of setting I love in and about Monsters&. Also, loved the surprise guest star in Manny! Hell’a Rad!!!

    1. Just imagine when they all stumble exhausted into a gas station and an exasperated Manny has to ask a very confused clerk to let him use the phone because Goddammit, Eld is going to KILL him if he doesn’t instantly call about Sei… and then proceeds to call up the other two thirds of Blood Rhino with a new idea for a song.

  2. Oh god I love this. I ship Geneva and Marian so much.

  3. This was fantastic! Love it!

  4. This… this was absolute gold!!! The comedy is great and the characters are all awesome!! (And Manny is as cool as ever.) I wish there was more. XD

  5. This was a hilarious session!
    Excellent all around.

    These characters are really cool, I love them all!
    This is going to cause some interesting repercussions.

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