Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Holiday Special

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The holidays have come around once more, and even for battered and battle hardened adventurers, tis’ the season to celebrate. Life Day refuses to accept any grinches, after all.

Side Chatter


  • Nate –  Pird’evothu’imao (Devothui). Chiss Padawan who walked out on the Jedi Order after she failed to reconcile neutrality and her own personal sense of justice.
  • Manda – Sliss Sarkh.  A Trandoshan woman with a big debt and an even bigger lust for combat.
  • James  – Rexo Cairnu. A Rodian marksman and bounty hunter sworn never to kill his quarries.
  • Zach – Rolan Chance. Ace pilot and hopeless romantic.  Awfully posh for someone taking the kind of jobs he does.
  • Josh – DJ-4N60 (DJ).  Droid bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder and an urn at his belt.


  1. Good on you bringing back Edge of Empire. These have been great!

  2. Thank you Kevin, Thank you all of you… this was without a doubt the best Life Day gift ever. I cant stop laughing.

  3. Glad you inflicted this upon the players. Enjoyed it quite a lot.

    Any ETA on when the next phase of Edge of the Empire actual plays will start to be recorded/posted.

  4. This was a triumph! Best Life Day Ever!

  5. This really made my christmas day listening to this being stuck at work. Can’t wait for the other episodes to drop as well.

  6. Relistening to this again and it’s just as great as I remembered. Hope more Star Wars is in the pipe to drop soon.

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