Monsters and Other Childish Things – Spring-Heeled Dance


A few children are having an ordinary day off hanging out in a junk shop on a day off when a creepy guy walks into the store claiming to be “looking around” before snatching a young girl’s purse and running off.  The other kids realize their belongings have been taken from them as well and begin to make chase.  Just when they have their mysterious robber cornered, he springs up off a nearby wall and out of sight.  Something is afoot.


  • Travis – Tommy C. Mechanic-type.  Has some anger issues but is otherwise pretty normal.  Carries around a pipe wrench.
  • Nate – Matilda Koslova. Russian exchange student and adopted sister of Tommy.  Enjoys partying, kicking butt, drinking, kicking butt, movies with explosions, and actual explosions.
  • Axe – Ryan Newton.  Scrawny ninja type who keeps getting dragged into trouble by Matilda and Tommy.

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