Engine Heart: Department of Corrections


Four specialty robots activate in a small room. Their tasks drive them. They will carry forward, and complete what they were designed to do. While they’re on the way, they’re in for a wild adventure.


  • Nate – R053.  An android secretary.
  • Zach – THIRST ANNIHILATOR.  A promotional robot for a popular energy drink equipped with fans and water sprayers to help customers beat the heat.
  • Hannah – Deal-O-Tron 21.  A card dealing robot designed for blackjack and other games of chance.
  • James – iEye: OSX Captain Edition.  A small surveillance robot designed to discover secrets.


  1. YAY, Engine Heart!

    Time to break out the headphones and lose some productivity!

    1. One of the best games. Definitely one of the best games.
      Engine Heart always results in such insane, hilarious characters.

      Also; I CALLED IT!
      Strange “pop-in” when looking through walls?
      The “Welcome to Corneria!” treatment from people?
      Veeery suspicious…

      1. Author

        Yeah it was an interesting game but kinda too high concept for what Engine Heart is supposed to be.

        1. STATUS

          HEAT: BEAT

          1. Author

            MISSION: ONGOING

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