Ashton City Heroes Ep 26 – Rumor Has It


The anti-vigilante Fauna wrecked the day of both MegaGirl and Spring-Heeled Jane, while they managed to uncover some new secrets of her abilities. Kageko was trapped by Diamonds and Spades, then soared into rescue King Rush and Tankgirl.

All in all, an eventful night.  Of course, their troubles aren’t over yet.

Side Chatter


  • Manda – Ryder Owen (King Rush). Small-time motocross champion with a lot of confidence issues. Turned his love for biking into a way to protect the people he loves and fulfill his need for speed.
  • Matt – John Westfall (Giant Slayer). The frontman, singer, and rhythm guitarist of The Tall Summers, an alternative rock band that is also a vigilance group to boost brand recognition.
  • Nate – Rose Brixby (Tankgirl). Outgoing and friendly girl who moved to Ashton from Prominence after a high-profile kidnapping case. She learned to fight and started buying low-impact supersoldier drug derivatives to make sure she would never be kidnapped again and that she could save others as she was saved.
  • Travis – Metra Crowell (MegaGirl). Young girl local to the Ashton area. After losing her arm in a car accident she got mixed in with the wrong crowd, but took inspiration from the Spirits of Prominence and constructed a gas-powered prosthetic to help clean up the Ashton City streets.
  • Zach – Ellhaym Tsukimono (Kageko). A teenage girl who enjoys exploring and finding secrets. A fairly recent transfer student, she’s only been around for a year or so.
  • Charlie – Alexis (Spring-Heeled Jane). A former circus acrobat who was sent to foster care when it was revealed the circus was a front for organized crime.  She now employs her talents by stealing from criminals.


  1. I will admit, the way the tone was being set, I thought that the reason John had left home was because he and Lionel were a couple and his parents were homophobes. I guess his dad’s just a manipulative (abusive?) asshole.
    And for the record, I was totally wondering when that thing with Elly and Sam was going to happen.
    One question, though. Is Spades going to become the Ashton City version of The Witch? Leaving the life of crime for a life or heroism?

    1. Author

      John’s still figuring out who he is.

      1. …That was the perfect response.

    2. Sam is a complicated young man. A lot of that has to do with Redd. Only time can tell what’ll become of the two of them.

  2. When I grow up, I want to be like Robert Sweet.

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