Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 6


The adventures on Taris continue, with our “heroes” getting connected to the local criminal underworld. Bounties abound and Silas plans a mission of revenge….

Side Chatter


  • Nate –  Pird’evothu’imao (Devothui). Chiss Padawan who walked out on the Jedi Order after she failed to reconcile neutrality and her own personal sense of justice.
  • Manda – Sliss Sarkh.  A Trandoshan woman with a big debt and an even bigger lust for combat.
  • James  – Rexo Cairnu. A Rodian marksman and bounty hunter sworn never to kill his quarries.
  • Zach – Rolan Chance. Ace pilot and hopeless romantic.  Awfully posh for someone taking the kind of jobs he does.
  • Sam – Silus Bionte. The dashing young orphan son of a wealthy Bacta family who were destroyed in a coup.
  • Josh – DJ-4N60 (DJ).  Droid bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder and an urn at his belt.


  1. Hearing this now

    Sliss is the best

    André, from Rio

  2. Y’know, technically I believe all Planetary scale things (vehicles and ships) use a x10 scale. So unless those droids rolled 30 points of personal scale damage, or had planetary scale weapons, they shouldn’t have been doing like 3 points of damage (not counting any armor those cargo speeders may have had).

    Something to think about for the long-delayed future.

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