Little Fears Session 23 – Memories (Part 2)

The closetland holds many terrors, and many traps. Joel’s friend has been hidden in the closeetland hospital, and it is up to the young heroes of Apple Court to save the day. But can they survive the worst the nightmare scape can throw at them?

 Side Chatter



  1. I’ve really enjoyed the Apple Court campaign, thanks for posting! Hope to see Grim’s dad in a tricked out prosthetic leg in a session in the near future.

    Nate why
    y u do dis?
    Why do you play with my feelings so much? Hnnnnnggggggggggggggg Joeeeel and Laurieeee.

    Also props on creeping me out so much I couldn’t sleep and jumped out of my skin three separate times at work while listening. Those dolls man, those dolls.

  3. this is a great campaign hopefully we get to see more of the Apple Court kids in sessions yet to come

  4. Your Little Fears game is the best actual play of a tabletop RPG I’ve ever seen. I pray that the Apple Court saga continues some day.

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