GenCon 2014 Wrap Up – Eat, Drink, Sports


Sam and Matt recently returned from GenCon 2014, after running 8 different games for Arc Dream publishing.  After each day at the con we recorded a short breakdown of the day’s events.  This being our first foray into GenCon, we didn’t do a lot more than run all of the games we had scheduled and troll the dealer’s hall.


-Meeting Ross Payton, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze and bugging them while they were working
-Teaching new people to play MaOCT
-Sam’s CoC game with 5 players who were very likely hung over
-Learning new random board games
-Magic 2015 Midnight Madness


  1. So any word on when we could see Night of the Gaming Does as a full modal or is it still a bit of a pipe dream? I really want to subj. . . I mean have my gaming group try it out.

    1. Author

      We’re working on it! Go talk us up to Shane Ivey. Any support from you guys will help it move faster.

    1. Author

      We played to round 3 with 1W 1L apiece, realized it was 3am and we were leaving the next day and dropped out.

  2. Hey. I played Mad Ronnie in the game that I think you were referring to as the most likely to be posted. I was the one who threw my glass eye at the villain to distract them. I had a blast playing my first ever MAOCT game. I have since bought and read the main book, road trip, bigger bads and candlewick manor. I will even be GMing a game of MAOCT tomorrow with some friends as a one off that may become a campaign.

    I was just wanted to thank you guys for such a great intro to the game and I was wondering as to the chances of our session being posted. Thanks again, your game was my personal favorite game I played from all of Gen-Con.

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