Mrs Friedas 82 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 12 – The Suitors (Part 1)


Scott has returned to a home he never knew. The journey is over, but the adventure isn’t done. Now he must tear a city apart in order to find any trace of his history, and survive the worst that MegaCorp can throw at him.

Side Chatter



  1. Hello Drunk and Ugly! I Have Been skulking On your Website Listening To your Amazing Podcasts, Anyway you guys Rock. Oh and before I forget Sherlock holmes lives at 221b Baker street, probably was what charlie was thinking about.

  2. So, this was a fantastic session, cant wait till next week to find out what happens next. The part when Manny went out and encountered the GREAT OLD ONE in the bay, and freaked out that he had actually done that. Not even showing a direct contact with the beast but just the ambience it had… Holy shit that was badass! Love these games.

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