Project PIXIE Episode 4 – Molds


A sentient mold has run amok in the PIXIE facility. Massive quarantine procedures are now in force. The young psychics have been trapped in their rooms for hours. Anitchka is wandering the facility as a ghost, and is the only one who knows that poor young Vlad is the Mold’s next victim.

Decisive action is called for, but with no power, and trapped in individual rooms, what can they do?

Side Chatter


  • Zach – Alexandra “Sasha” Lagunov. Athletic tomboy. Pressed into service with The Project.  Possesses the ability of chronomanipulation.
  • Manda – Anitchka Sylvestrova. Died once before in a car accident but was revived.  Possesses the abilities of astral projection, mediumship, and necrocommunication.
  • Matt – Leo Lucasovich Petrovski.  Former olympic gymnast who was talent scouted by The Project.  Possesses telekinesis.
  • Josh – Mikhail. Picked up by the Project early in his life.  It is uncertain who his parents are.  Most senior member of the team.  Possesses the powers of gravity manipulation.
  • Charlie – Arsen Ziman.  Born to a poor family in the steppes.  Joined The Project to learn medicine.  Possesses the abilities of motor manipulation and psychic surgery.
  • Sam – Oskar Seviyev. Minor telepath, capable of noticing the most probable outcomes of other people’s thought processes.


  1. Hello, I am in the Navy and I have a lot of free time… I was just wondering if there was any way possible for me to join in on one of your games? I love listening to them, and they are so much fun to play. But the hardest thing to find is players…So please email me if you wouldn’t mind a random Sailor playing with you ^^

    1. Author

      Our group is a bit full at the moment, but if you want to join our forums, there are plenty of listeners who are looking for people to game with.

  2. (Listens to session)… So what your saying Nate, is that you’ve crossbred a Xenomorph with the fungal growths of the mushroom kingdom in the film “Super Mario Bros.” and then added psychic vampirism? XD

    But seriously, a great session, both of ’em. The “Aliens” reference just added to the entertainment.

    1. That is exactly what I’m saying, good sir.

    2. Let it not be said you didn’t call this.

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