Mrs Frieda’s 72: Scott’s Odyssey Part 2 – The Lotus Eaters


Scott Valle is the most wanted bird-boy in America.

A private investigator, working for a vague yet menacing major corporation, was trying to track him down. The man’s intentions: drugs and kidnapping. The kids survived, intact.

The journey must continue, nevertheless. A hot dog stand is open, and a scrawny young man is waiting at the bus stop. Destiny beckons down the long grey strip of highway that crosses America.

Side chatter



  1. Man, I thought when the Jazz kicked in and people were acting funny, you were referencing the film “Yellow Brick Road”. Then Persistencia was revealed and I died, Oh did I die. You folks have slain me. I love call backs and cross-overs. Entertained!

  2. “This land is a creature of chaos. It may take many forms.” — Scott Valle, on the subject of Persistencia (BEST LINE EVER)
    HOLY SNAP! Headcannon: August Hughes wound up in the State of Mind Persistencia shortly after an encounter with Buibui. Having accepted his fate as her servant/host/consort/concubine/whatever/thing, he decided that there was nothing he could do about, his days were probably numbered, and he might as well try to have fun. Not wanting his friends to miss him, he sold away their memories of him, but since he barely knew Brendan, he forgot to sell Brendan’s memories. Kid Dynamike, because his brain is weird and he is a conundrum, also remembered him, and left the halfway home with August to go on an adventure to discover just what the fuck was up with this deal Buibui had made with August’s grandfather. The spiders stayed in the room because it still smells like August, and therefore the Spider Queen.

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