Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 55 – Badgerdome


The gang is snowbound in LaFay National Park, and almost immediately gets Cabin Fever. No matter how many board games are played, cups of cocoa are drunk, or snowball fights are held, the kids are quickly going stir crazy.

Can they survive several days of winter wonderland, or will relationship drama and the perils of being teenagers overcome them?

Side chatter



  1. Man, that Risk game should have been played using the Reign system! A whole game of Frieda’s set with the characters just playing a board game.

  2. …Wait. If badgers give no f*cks, then why would they obey Condor and fight each other? It’s been established that threats of death make no difference to badgers, so why would a Giant Flaming Turkey make them care enough to obey him?

  3. I’m not sure if anyone else picked up on this, but when Shawty told Caleb that Manny was ’bout half a mile behind him, did anyone else catch that sort of ominous tinkling sound? Like, bad, creepy windchimes?

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