Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 43 – Mother Monster

Betrayal. Ferocious rage, deceit, attempted murder. Crushed bones, torn throats, and a few bullet wounds.

It’s safe to say some people had their feelings hurt.

Manny’s still in his coma. Nele is watching him like a hawk. Jingles is watching them both like a highly distractible hawk.

Scott is coping with some new “body issues,” and George is coping with some “being a horrible person” issues.

All of this fallout’s still settling…

Side chatter



  1. another episode in Greg’s train of thought:
    “Only part way into Shin Megami. Better put off Frieda’s til I’m done… Manny’s mom and more Caleb? Fuuuuuck that.”

    also when George panicked when Uncle V showed up, momentarily thought it was Butch showing up in person to chew out George for some reason

    also considering the point that Shawty basically blows off Caleb’s interest in Manny for the sake of information, while not out of the realm of possibility for a regular monster, it makes me wonder. Caleb said that Shawty was beat up before he found him and took him as his own monster, but is it a matter of Shawty created a new monster mojo bond with him, or that he just stays around Caleb and they’re just legit buds?

    considering that Shawty’s telepathy is a genuine power, unlike Condor’s or Hammerstein’s which are a general monster talent, seems possible they don’t share a supernatural bond, just that of bromance

    1. Author

      I want that rad, rad bromance.

      Actually the answer is a lot simpler than that. Shawty is just following a basic monster convention: His Favorite Thing is “Knowing Everything,” so he goes around and finds out everything about everyone.

  2. “GROWN UPS! SHUT UP!” has to be the most authority I’ve ever heard a teenager muster. And I swear, you guys keep making Butch older and older. On a final note, I don’t see Nele as being suicidal, I see him as being self-destructive if it protects her loved ones.

    1. I mean his. His loved ones.

      1. Author

        Uh hunh. Sure you do.

  3. You know what. If Butch stops being an asshole to Manny and Emma, he’d be a pretty cool ally. I like their being another pretty powerful organization that the kid can go to for help ones in a while

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