Justice For All Session 4 – Passing the Torch

The party returned to the Academy in order to uncover evidence that would support their suspicions of the origin of the Umbra. They found it. The almost forgotten murderous race, the Shades, were used to create Umbra.

After a stand off with one of the Exiles, the party returned to Nachsun, intent on spreading their new-found knowledge. Uszhi made friends with a female Exile, who observed her bathing and approached her. Unknowingly, the two were observed in turn by Niklas. Time will tell what the grizzled hunter will do with his new knowledge, and how the relationship between Uszhi and Adora will blossom.

The future of Nachsun hangs in the balance. The tipping point is coming soon.


  • Charlie – Roland. An apprentice of Niklas and student of Christian.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home, but it looking to move out.
  • James – Edouard  Fasson. Doctor, cook, etc. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.
  • Mandaz – Uszhi. Vicious yet disciplined apprentice to Niklas. Her actions hurt more than her words.
  • Matt – Mesik.  Fisherman’s son with the troubled past.  Lives in LeJeune’s Home for Displaced Umbra.  Recently became an apprentice to Niklas.
  • Sam – Niklas. Resident Umbra badass. Hunter and master to Uszhi and Mesik.
  • Zach – Marshall Yaeger. Scout and marksman. Decided to stay on this island following a shipwreck and encounter with the natives.


  1. Not sure if something is wrong or not. For me it shows that this session is only 7 minutes long.

    1. Not just you, it’s showing up for me that way as well.

      1. It will be fixed later today I have been told.

      2. Author

        It appears to be a problem with this version of Powerpress. It doesn’t know how to read the ID3 Tags that are added by the program I use to put on the cover art. I’m currently experimenting with ways to make it work properly.

        1. I am making the saddest face right now. You have no idea how sad this face is. (Good luck on getting it figured out, and thanks.)

          1. Author

            I may end up reposting this whole thing. The episode was uploaded correctly at first and now will never play longer than 7 minutes even after i upload a clip that is.

    2. Author

      Everything should be working correctly now.

  2. That picture’s hitting me right in the uncanny valley. Was that intentional. The proportions appear just slightly off and it kinda makes me uncomfortable.

    1. Umbra AREN’T human, after all.

      1. Yeah. Manda’s really good at human anatomy, so the alien feature stand out more.

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