Mrs Frieda’s Session 24 – The Fall of the House of Odyn

Emma is having a dream. A very lovely dream: she’s on the roof, in George’s arms, kissing him before he climbs onto the back of Condor. Instead of flying away again, however, instead of winging away from Emma once more, blood starts coming out of his eyes.

And he starts laughing. Hard, loud laughter, both he and Condor laughing, before they melt into a dark shadow with green eyes. “Julie Williams,” it says. “8pm, Tuesday.” Then she wakes up, at 8am on a Tuesday morning.

Manny is having a dream. It’s a very lovely dream: he’s in a classy restaurant, a mix between a 50s diner and a smoking lounge, and he’s gorging himself on an incredible array of steak. It’s almost easy for him to ignore the laughter in the background, the shadows moving in strange ways, and the fact that the steak has become human flesh, familiar, tattooed human flesh.

It’s 8am on a Tuesday. Julie Williams is missing. A young girl named Emma has “gone on vacation.”

Odyn’s final plan has begun. He’s called in the last of his favors, and a horrible ritual is in progress. Unless the kids find a way to stop him, it will claim the lives of Julie and little Emma, and one other, someone very close to Emma Vaerbond’s heart.



  1. Really good session there. I absolutely loved listening too it. The only bad thing I can think of was that it I had to turn it off while at work and I couldnt listen again until it was time to go home. This episode pretty much confirms that Mrs. Frieda´s is the best actual play I have ever listened to.
    Best regards

    1. Author

      Sam had a pretty solid session. I was even pretty disturbed by it (though that could be because I had been up for about 22 hours when we started playing). It was an emotional roller coaster from Scott kissing Emma to the death of Julie Williams to the final struggle against Odyn.

  2. I actually stayed a little extra at work yesterday just to finish listening to this! By far the most enthralling Mrs. Frieda’s session yet. Sam, you really did an amazing job GMing from both story and gameplay aspects. The trail of clues were well laid out and it didn’t seem like the PCs were ever lost about what to do next. Your imagery of the house, especially where David was concerned was skin-crawlingly creepy (doesn’t help that I share a name with that guy either). And the confrontation with Odyn was spectacular as well, they really wiped the floor with him in an immensely satisfying manner! After all he’s done to them over the course of this campaign, it was a fitting end. Bravo sirs and madams, bravo!

    … and you should really see how many characters Charlie can voice in a single session sometime. 😛

    1. Author

      Oh yeah, this session was another emotional roller coaster. Believe it or not, this session was the first we played after a 6-week break from MaOCT, so just imagine how crazy that was to come back to.

      Your imagery of the house, especially where David was concerned was skin-crawlingly creepy (doesn’t help that I share a name with that guy either)

      Haha yeah. I was telling Nate to set up a Twitter account for Emma so that you could follow her. David’s not a topic we touch on too much in this campaign. All of his stuff is very decidedly dark. There are a few stories about him under Emma’s character sheet on the Wiki.

      And yeah, Odyn was pretty deserving of a bitchdeath. It was kind of a shock to all of us how many named characters Sam killed off in this game, though. There was a very long discussion after the recording ended wherein the topic of the fallen repeatedly came to bear.

      … and you should really see how many characters Charlie can voice in a single session sometime.

      Well we almost had Dublin (Charlie) and Nele (Charlie) fighting Hackman (Charlie). In the session we’re currently playing, we’ve actually managed to set up the reverse of this: Emma (Nate) and Etsu (Nate) are meeting up with the main antagonist (Also played by Nate).

      1. Yeah, it’s true. The stuff regarding Emma and David is kind of creepy. Understandably, it really doesn’t come up often. It’s a very difficult topic to broach while being sensitive to the subject matter.

  3. tI knew it was going to be good when I saw the tags: “horror,” “sam,” and “no seriously … horror.”

    This session was awesome . I haven’t listened to nor seen a horror story as good and creepy as this on in a while. It only helped add to the atmosphere pf the session that the recording cutout in the dark backwoods of Georgia on my way home for Thanksgiving.

    Y’all keep the scares coming.

  4. I loved when Emma turned into teenage redheaded Xena. And maybe it was just me, but when Jingles was talking about how she was going to crash in the little kids’ room, and Ty said “Did I do something wrong?”
    Did anyone else feel like the Ty/Jingles ship might be a thing

    What would you call that? Jy? Tyngles?

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