Little Fears – LaFey National Park (Part 1)

The kids of Leytley Creek elementary are off on an expedition to LaFey National Park, a nature preserve 50 or so miles from the city of Troy.  After a long drive, the kids jump off the bus and get ready for some wilderness adventure.  It’s strange, though: the birds are silent, and there’s nothing to catch in the lake.  Worst of all, the groundskeeper has gone missing.  Oh well, he’ll turn up in good time. . .


  • Sam – Molly Weits.  Nerdy little girl with some artistic talents.  Also has some latent psychic abilities?
  • Alex – Nikolas Labeigh.  Withdrawn but kinda snarky.
  • Charlie – John Pinto.  Quiet rambling kid who will NEVER SHUT THE HELL UP.
  • Kevin – Peter Cambren.  The self-proclaimed anti-bully, who runs around and punches on bullies himself.  Fan of cherry bombs and general mayhem.
  • Matt – Jimmy Balmer.  Big redneck kid who’s a fan of firearms, swearing, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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