SAFE: Hell is Other People (Part 1)

Two small town cops are called onto the scene of a strange burglary.  A wealthy old woman was the victim of a home invasion, but strangely not a lot of value was stolen.  Just one safe was opened and a set of antique knives taken.  The only thing remaining in the safe?  A single rusty stroke.


  • Charlie – Officer Lewis Newman.  30s with a handlebar mustache.  Always wears shades in the day.  Crew cut with premature grey.  High Cheek Bones
  • Kevin – Marcus Crawford.  Mechanic and patrolman.

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  1. hello folks,

    i hoid aboot this site from RPPR so I’ve been checking it out.

    this is one of the rare times when i’ve actually felt ill/uncomfortable/horror while listening to a podcast, so i think the GM did a very fine job and the players did a great job at going with it; it made even more sense during the epilogue when all was explained…the sense of despair was not only there in the plot but in the actual mechanics, i think…so World of Darkness, eat your heart out ;3

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