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Thought Crimes Episode 1 – The Recruitment Job

San Francisco is a very different place than it used to be, but not by as much as one might hope. In the near future, corporations have almost complete reign over local, state and national governance, with Silicon Valley used as a testing ground for not only new technologies, but policy born in think tanks and board meetings. In this age defined by tracking numbers, personal identification, and the less-appealing kind of cookies, the mind is the last vestige safe from the prying eyes of corporate interests. At least until all of the kinks are worked out on Project Lachesis.

That said, in an age of neural networks and action-by-committee, there is still room in these corporations for individual contractors to provide a little bit of unsupervised support. However, even in the shadiest, most hidden parts of San Francisco, even for the most illegal, inhuman acts, a resume and job interview are still vital to determining whether a contractor is a good investment.

After all.

It’s Only Business.

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Deathwatch – Binary Stars Season 1 Finale

The following is a pamphlet recovered from the locker of a Tau soldier killed in action during naval engagement. The Tau ship was presumed en-route to Bellom to engage Astra Militarum forces.

“While Bellom may seem of little use to us, scorched though it is, both the agents of the Tau race and of our other brethren who follow the Tau’Va can rest assured that the world’s sordid history and the great focus placed on it by the Imperium underline its importance to our greater cause. Our greatest minds are prepared to engage with the knowledge that will be secured by you, our greatest hands. Steel yourself for the relentless waves of expendable men that will be callously launched against the firepower of our forces, and know that any losses, tragic though every one may be, serve the Greater Good. Through the Tau’va, we will protect the galaxy from the selfishness of those who dominate it, and through the Tau’va, all sacrifices are made worthy and live on forever. For the Greater Good.”

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Deathwatch – Binary Stars Episode 8

What follows is a partially decoded transcript of a message intercepted between previously unknown Eldar agents operating on Bellom. The veracity of the claims or even existence of the Eldar is as yet unconfirmed but assumed to be true.

From Farseer Aeglen for the ears of Pathfinder Sobir- Static lasting 22 seconds -tell me your mission is going well. Bellom remains central in my thoughts, clouded though they are. What lies behind the veils surrounding the (Ozainas?) Prophecy gives all indications to Bellom. Both the Mon’Keigh and the Tau are already in competition, and knowing their plans is- static lasting 13 seconds -orders are to remain on-world and observe. Be extremely wary for any sign- static lasting 6 seconds– fate of the craftworld and perhaps the entire galaxy.

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Deathwatch – Binary Stars Episode 7

Log of Captain Hepatia, Sword-Class Frigate Alexandria
125.817.M41 2032 Hours
Operational Theater: Rheelas

We have been engaged with Stigmartus ship elements for 4 hours, the majority of the time with only visual communication. Contact with the ground has been extremely limited, and battle order has been difficult to maintain. Despite numerical superiority, we have been unable to press our advantage, and while there is no apparent communication between enemy ships, they are operating according to a seeming existing plan. This should be considered a priority one development, as it is extremely atypical for Stigmartus forces. Contact has finally been reestablished with Astartes fleet elements via direct light (I will be submitting a commendation recommendation for this development). If the emperor wills it, we will be able to force the fleet back within 6 standard hours. I am troubled, however, as I’m receiving report of changing star maps consistent with a Type 4 Chaos anomaly…

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Deathwatch – Binary Stars Episode 6

Conflict Report In Progress of Captain Roman, Ultramarines
125.817.M41 1946 Hours
Operational Theater: Rheelas

1-Unsuccessful attempt to coordinate actions with Storm Wardens and Salamanders (see report D-RHE1982, Unsuccessful diplomacy attempt preceding Rheelas conflict Gamma)

2- Enacted joint operation with Deathwatch Squad, successfully assaulting previous seat of power on Rheelas utilizing modified Aquila assault Phi-9 (see report OOB-RHE31029, Order of Battle Rheelas conflict Gamma)

3- Established standard Bulwark Alpha 10 defensive protocols, with addition of armor elements. (See report OOB-RHE31029)

4- Communications with Imperial Forces, when available, considered reliable to only 81%, with 9% chance of outright deception.

5- Massive counterattack expected within 3 standard hours. All brothers ordered to status yellow until contact beyond probing attacks detected. Adversary still unidentified, intentions unknown
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