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Prominence Gaiden – The Magus


Prominence’s troubles are settled for the moment, and that leaves the Spirits time for something they almost never get: a side adventure!

A mysterious summons for a vigilante cruise and fighting competition brings our heroes face to face with a new generation of supers and a devious new enemy.

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Ashton City Heroes Ep 22 – City of Villains


After the revelation that someone has put a bounty on their heads the heroes try to go about their normal lives. But the promise of money and a fight has lured old and new challenger to Ashton. Can the Heroes survive in this “CITY OF VILLIANS”?!

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Base Raiders – Boiling Point (Part 2)


Our intrepid heroes (?) got a tip-off about Lucas Mallard, and through a combination of ritalin and ghosts discovered the location of the abandoned Base he was using for super-soldier drug supplies. After kidnapping Mallard and commissioning their own personal submarine, the Base Raiders are off to the races.

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Base Raiders – Taskforce: Darknet (Part 1)


A rag tag group of Base Raiders are tipped off to a super powered drug dealer operating in the area. All challenges aside; these people need to put bread in their jar. It’s time to get paid.

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Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 1


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It is the time of the Old Republic. The Mandalorian menace is sweeping the galaxy, crushing all those who stand in their way.

And on board a cruise liner making its way to the world of Taris, fate is about to align to bring an unlikely group of adventurers together.

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