Even in the midst of his reign of terror, the terrorist known only to the public as The Onix Man broke his cover and, with the assistance of a few accomplices, laid waste to a Gainsboro City Pokemon Center, bringing the damage total somewhere near $30 million.  There are also eyewitness reports of him leaving the scene following a full-scale incineration of an entire city block.  Police are questioning this development, as The Onix Man typically prefers to smash structures and normally focuses on roads and infrastructure.  It is unknown if he possesses any fire-type Pokemon.

His reign of terror is compounded by riots, looting, spreading the police force thin.  This has unfortunately led to a sudden resurgence of the entire Brad Garrison gang.  This is a disappointing development after the continuing efforts of the Gainsboro Police Department, working under the direction of League Detective Darren Walker.  The recent reappearance of The Onix Man seems to have pulled Walker back to this case.  It was reported that him and his Braviary were in pursuit of the wanted terrorist, in addition to other police officials.  The two accomplices who assisted in the destruction of the hostage situation and destruction of the Gainsboro Pokemon Center have been arrested and taken into custody.  It is believed that they will draw in the Onix Man.

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Catman has been arrested for gross amounts of property damage to Gainsboro city roads and infrastructure.  The police were, however, willing to cut him a break if he could bring Brad Garrison, a local troublemaker and gang leader, back to the station.  Catman and the team joined together and (unfortunately) were defeated utterly by Brad’s overwhelming Pokemon force.

In the chaos following the battle, Catman run away and rode Rollcage (his Onix) into the Gainsboro City sewers, causing even more property damage than he was originally.  Not only is he riding the Onix in a space that is considerably smaller than it, but Rollcage is racing through the sewer system at its top speed of 50 mph.  The resulting force has buckled the storm drains and basically quarry-blasted the roads under which Catman has travelled.  All emergency units are currently engaged in rescuing people from the damage and quelling panic/riots.

In the midst of these happenings, Elliana Lilane, a high-ranking Pokemon trainer has just entered the city, hoping to challenge the Chuen elite and claim her title as Pokemon Master.  What she did not expect, though, was deja-vu from her experience here 4 years ago.  In similar but unrelated fashions, Naartok, an Eskimo from northern Poke-world seeking the parents of her lost lover, and Katsuro Moriko, some kind of secret agent, have arrived in Gainsboro for their own reasons.  It appears they will need to put those thoughts on hold until the riots are quelled, though.

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