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Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 3: The Panhandlers


The wastelanders laid seige to the Kingdom of the Frog King, encountered an Enclave Eyebot, brought RoboReagan to life, and bested a Super Mutant. They discovered the G.E.C.K., and are off to recover it.

Of course, the wasteland laughs at all plans.

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Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 2: Invading the Kingdom


The wastelanders broke out of a prison in the bowels of Kismet Park. After fighting off a series of propoganda-infused animatronic adversaries, they gained control of the park.

Putting this much power in the hands of just anyone can only turn out well…

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Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 1: Five Nights with Frankie


War. War never changes. In the far reaches of the nuclear wastes of the Florida everglades, the future is about to be changed. In the swamps, a malfunctioning GECK is pumping its polluted cargo.

For a group of wasteland wanderers brought together by strange circumstances, it is the Holy Grail.

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The Quiet Year – Harbor Ridge


War. War never changes. The Jackal menace has been driven off, and the small group of survivors in the Great Lakes region are starting a settlement. With one year to build and fortify, can the city stand firm in the desolate post apocalypse?

Here’s the map of the city that was made.

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Spirit of the Century – Get In, Get Out, Get Threshed (Part 2)

Monaco is rife with intrigue, mystery, and scandal, and the Centurions are in the middle of all of it. Can they stop the sabotage of the race and find the group who assaulted the Ambassador’s party before it’s too late?
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