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The Drunk and the Newsies 1-18-2012 – The 1 Hour Challenge

Over the weekend, Nate and I proposed a duel.  The challenge: Create an original RPG in an hour based on 10 random prompts.  We originally planned to rate our games directly and decide the “Superior Game” right there and then.

We realized as we went on that we really couldn’t try to compare the two games we wrote.  We decided at that point that we have a selection of listeners who might be willing to chime in and help us understand which game they like the best.  Therein is today’s news segment.

Comment, email us, or tweet at us with your favorite game, and we’ll tell you who the winner is next time on The Drunk and the Newsies!

Thermite and Thylacines (Matt’s Game)
The Crystal Rock School for the Artistically Gifted (Nate’s Game)

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