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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 11

The crew of the Fantoma Reine find themselves at the island of Klørbulg after a request from the leader of the Bodilsfolk.  They are asked to remove an outside, an Ussuran Prince from a recently opened ancient Syrneth tomb in order to prevent his presence from starting a civil war.  If they can carry out this favor, they will have the absolute commitment of the Bodilsfolk, and may have some sway with the Tilletsfolk, and a vital vote with the Vesten High Council in avoiding a long-standing and bloody conflict with Vendel.


Note: This episode was recorded with Mumble’s multitrack recorder and it just randomly decides to desync audio tracks.  I did my best to keep everything aligned but a track still sometimes goes a second out of sync.  We decided to stop using Mumble after this episode.

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Red Markets – Whale of a Gun Time (Part 2)

Getting down to business, the Rum Runners have arrived at the seaside enclave Whaleland Yutuna to pick up a high caliber machine gun for their home enclave.  However, the rumors that the DHQS were on the job also turned out to be true, and the takers now have a fight on their hands between black ops mercenaries and a siege tactic to blockade their ports and attempt to beat down their doors with a casualty stampede.  The Runners are here to get their gear and get out quickly, but it seems that fate has different plans.

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Dark Heresy Episode 2 – Seeds of Heresy (Part 2)

In pursuit of understanding the loss of the grain tithe, the Acolytes meet with the head priest to ask about the aggro-harvest sedality while another team heads to investigate the Chapel.  However, it seems as though not all of the harvesters are in line with serving their emperor. . .

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Red Markets – Whale of a Gun Time (Part 1)

The apocalypse has come and gone. Those left alive must carve out their own stake in order to thrive. When capitalism, the mysterious and dangerous government, and hordes of deadly zombies are combining to grind you into dirt, anything goes.

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Leverage – The Charity Job

When you’re in the most elite class of criminals, there will always be those who want to be you, and those who want to kill you. Of course, revenge is best served cold and calculated.

And when the opportunity shows itself to strike back at Lay Down Arms – the arms smuggling syndicate posing as a charity – the Crew will stop at nothing to get what’s owed them…

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