Prominence, SC Session 16 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 2)


Lacey Clarke is a prisoner of some very bad people. She’s been taken off of the street and finds herself locked up. With no idea of when her friends — or help of any kind — will arrive, she’s left with her own wits and street tough badassery to see her through.

Meanwhile, the Heroes of Prominence are hot on her trail. Can they find her before all hell breaks loose?

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Prominence, SC Session 17 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 3)


Having survived their latest crisis, the heroes of Prominence are blowing off some pent-up steam. Lacey Clark is still in the hospital, and the heroes are consolidating their victory and tracking down the few leads they pulled out of the conflict.

An adversary is still working behind the scenes of Prominence, and it’s up to the battered and tired vigilante team to bring them down.

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Prominence, SC Session 18 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 4)


Wraith, Clockwork, and the woman known as MIA paid a visit to Prominence Memorial Hospital, to speak with a madman. The Irishman, in his depreciated state, handed them some very interesting information on their target, Coffmann.

MIA caused party friction with a phone hack on Clockwork; revealing the identity of Lacey Clark, the Ghost. Will the Heroes of Prominence be able to work together in this increasingly difficult group? Can they bring down the criminal mastermind?

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Prominence, SC Session 19 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 5)


The time has come to take down the human trafficking ring and the organized crime led by Kaufman. His private yacht is docked, and vulnerable.

Can the Heroes of Prominence coordinate a daring assault on the ship and overwhelm a superior, better armed force? Will they strike down the darkness threatening to take over their city?

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Prominence, SC Session 20 – Spirits of Prominence (Part 6)


The Spirits of Prominence are waging their assault on Daniel Kaufmann’s private yacht. Barges have been stormed, thugs have been punched, and crane warfare has been introduced.

The heroes discovered that Kaufmann’s barges are full of kidnapped people. The authorities will arrive at midnight; they have until then to beat face in and bring Kaufmann to justice. Can they succeed in this climactic slugfest?

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