Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 5

What a fascinating planet. All rules regarding conventional geology, ignored. And yet neither side could possibly be aware of these anomalies, to say nothing of the embarassing fumbling of greenskin “meks.”

Cogitator core five assigned to analysis of Inquisitorial pict-capture. That wiring is familiar…
-Magos Klax, Lathe-Lord of the Third Circle and Bearer of the Skull of Hax.

Unraveling the mysteries of the crash site become of the utmost importance to all of the factions involved in the war for Hervara. The recent turning of a mole among the Imperial Guard forces could be a breakthrough for the embattled Dominate forces, and the Aetherian Rex auxilliary squad have been hand-picked to test the efficacy of the turncoat and his information. A high-ranking Imperial Magos is their target, and denying him and his vast stores of knowledge to the enemy is their main objective.

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Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 6

What a dull post. A good bit of skullduggery at the start, but we’ve spent the last week ferrying supplies to some spoked-out cogboy that knows he’s got us by the painful bits. As ever, may Throne deliver us from the attentions of our “betters.”
-Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Gavin Thrace

The Magos’ base is mostly still, save for the constant plodding of supply servitors, and the racing mind of the base’s owner. The squad and their comrades begin to loot the place in earnest, and scout out the surroundings. Unfortunately, peace is a fragile thing anywhere in the forty-first millenium, and things heat up when uninvited guests are slated to arrive. The mission’s goals are within sight, but are threatened from within.

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Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 7

Care of members of the Homo Sapiens Gigantus subgenus must be undertaken with some delicacy. Normally, this robust cousin of mainline humanity does not require much medical care as such – their hardy physiology renders light injuries or minor pre-existing conditions inconsequential.

That being said, when major injuries are suffered, the inability of most Ogryn to properly grasp the complexities of anatomy means that several extra precautions must be taken. Triple dosages of most drugs are required, and the daunting task of securing the patient may be necessary if, for example, the patient seeks to “help” you in removing bullets from his chest cavity with his bare fingers. Be commanding – while fierce in battle, the Ogryn is a docile creature when given an authority to obey.

-Excerpt from Mending Body and Spirit, Together, a standard-issued Dominate Medicae text.

The fallout from the unorthodox handling of Operation Puzzle Box begins moments after the squad leaves their commandeered vehicles. Prisoners must be remanded to the appropriate authorities. Differences between different branches of command need to be sorted out. And a ten-foot pile of muscle and tears must be assured that he is not, in fact, dead.

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Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 8

You shall cross many sunsets, make new journeys for yourselves on metal birds across the emptiness behind the stars. All for the safety of men and women we shall never see. You are the Drakon’s Teeth, and your enemies lie in pieces before you. For every sister or brother that does not make his way back to his Father Tree, you will carry the blade. And they will weigh heavily upon you, for they will have drunk their fill of blood beforehand.

-Formal Address to 10th Levy Regiments
Taisha Mirko, Arbor-Queen of Cuyavale.

Squad leader Otho Valerius deals with the responsibilities of his recent promotion as Fort recovers in the infirmary. The hot-shots of the Aetherian Rex are finally paired with another, larger regiment that has been in-theater much longer for a series of exploratory missions.

The Cuyavale Close Infantry 1st Squad, with their bone weaponry and primitive demeanor, would seem like an ill fit for the tech-savvy spacers, and it’s up to both squads to raise teamwork and comraderie to their limits. The Imperium and the Orks alike stand ready to pounce on any weakness.

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Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 9

Your parents gave everything they had to serve the Emperor, and you will not – I repeat, will not – dishonor them or their memory by doing any less. You will be purified through prayer. You will be hardened by training. Sharpened by study. Your forebearers, being imperfect servants, -died- for a greater purpose. You, cadets, will -live- for one.

-Drill-Abbess Narcia, Opening Address to Hervaran Progeniae

The inspection of the Riser Creek facility begins, as the squad is familiarized with overland scouting by the feral worlders of the Cuyavale Close Infantry’s 1st squad. Initial reconnaissance makes clear what the Dominate hoped was only conjecture: the Orks have taken the facility.

But where are they? Orks are not usually subtle creatures.

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