Thought Crimes Episode 14 – Dragon Slayer

There are few who would disagree that the meaning of life is more than the collection of good experiences to a degree that they maximally outweigh bad experiences. But how MUCH more? In their centuries of debating hedonism, utilitarianism, stoicism, and a hundred other worldviews, philosophers have considered the thought experiment of shaving down one’s brain to the minimum required to maintain consciousness and experience sensation, and placing it in a jar that continuously stimulates its pleasure centers until it dies a happy death. Under philosophies that maximize pleasure, they say, doing that to someone would not only be a good thing, but it might actually be a moral obligation. If pleasure is the only measure of a life well-lived, then such an absurd, destructive setup would perfect one’s life by definition. The very idea seems ridiculous.

On the other hand. Pleasure sells.

After all.

It’s Only Business.


Music from
“Lightless Dawn” by Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Greg – Andrew Burke. An aging corporate spokesman, Andrew has worked for many companies to defuse tense situations and make questionable sales pitches. After surviving cancer, a car crash and a mugging, he takes precautions to ensure that he packs a lot more than just words for when things get rough.
  • Kevin – Isaac Soklarus. A company man, Isaac has been working for Polycorp for the last year, becoming closely entangled with their inner workings. Something of a know-it-all, he has an extensive array of knowledge and a few specialized cybernetic implants to help him through his day to day life.
  • Matt – Kayla Fox. A late thirties ex-Silicon-Valley network engineer who started working on the black market after realizing that sexism was less rampant in the criminal sector.
  • Molly (Max) – Pepper Abe. A short and scarred yet deathly fashionable Japanese-American woman, Pepper is almost as adept at solving problems as she is at creating them. With an entry plan to anywhere and a deep seated anger toward society her reputation is louder than she ever could be.

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