Deadlands – Fallen Flags Episode 10

Agency Internal Dossier
Verification Code 13-1-4/13-1-24/C
Subject: Dr. Leonitus P. Gash, PhD (Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences from Duke University)
Author: “Tom Bondsley”, Field Agent
Special Note: Current Bounty in the State of Deseret, $1000 alive, $100 dead

This is a peculiar one. I have no idea from where this one operates, really. He has too many of his brutish flunkies warding me off the trail. But on the condition that I not try to speak to him in person, he’s agreed to maintain written correspondence. Will redouble location efforts if given more human resources explicitly to do so. So we all know that this is the scientist responsible for the modified limbs of the worker class in Deseret, both before and after he became a wanted man. The popular story is that he gained his bounty when the workers started removing their own limbs to gain replacements, rather than simply replacing what was lost. But that doesn’t seem to be the whole story, considering that receiving voluntary limb replacement remains a legal act, even if performing it is now a crime. The true reasons are up to speculation, but an infiltrated assistant in Hellstromme Industries found a copy of Gash’s bounty marked for review, sitting at a thousand dead OR alive. It seems Hellstromme convinced Deseret to lower the dead bounty. Which means Hellstromme wants to encourage him coming into captivity alive. No easy task, frankly. The people love this man. Or at least his arms and legs.


In The West Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Greg – Guillaume Olivier. Canadian hunter and fur trapper. He’s a large and jolly man, but behind that carefully groomed beard is a man who’s slain bears with a bowie knife. Guillaume feels that he has conquered the North, so he has moved to the U.S. to see if he can find a challenge worthy of his strength. When he’s not seeking thrills against dangerous opponents, he’s drinking and telling tall tales about himself to anyone who will listen.
  • Kevin – Gabriel Young. Sixty-three and loving it, Gabriel Young has seen the world change in almost every way. Formerly enslaved in Georgia, he and his family fled north to Boston, where he found work as a machinist and eventually joined the Union Army as war broke out. After the supernatural horrors of Gettysburg, he started to develop a talent for the new science, finding work as a freelancer amid the constant troubles of the fractured former United States. Now a widower with an adult son deeply involved in the clandestine activities of the Agency, he has left behind the East to seek adventure and insight in the West.
  • Axe – Wilhelmina “Mina” Saltonstall – An intense, somewhat slight woman nearing thirty and almost always clad in the mysterious black duster of the Union Agency. Tarnished by the sorcerous legacy of her now-forgotten family, she puts her skills in the Huckster’s arts to use keeping the Union safe and prosperous.
  • Josh – Clem. An enigmatic, sharpshooting, wisecracking teenager from the Confederacy. Ran off with a very expensive rifle, and now the Confederacy wants it back.
  • Susan – Artemisia “Missy” Weston. She is a well to do lady of 27 from upstate New York who has come west after receiving her portion of an inheritance seeking adventure. Having expensive taste is okay when you have the money to back it up. She has a plethora of skills; sewing, surgery, a silver tongue, and soliciting spirits. You know, just girly things. A secret family past with the dead haunts her every decision for how to approach the problems she faces

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