Only War – Severan Dominate Episode 11

The so-called “Saint” Drusus was a nothing more than a mouthpiece for those who oppressed us! With that in mind, the Festival of “Saint” Drusus shall be replaced by a more fitting celebration – the Feast of Rightful Stewardship. As I have for all of you – give others what they deserve. Those you interdepend on. Those who observe justice, and act with honesty.
Edict XIV, 1 month into the New Severan Calendar, Year The First

Even with the news of an Imperial offensive on their minds, the Dominate Overpass HQ can’t help but celebrate the Feast of Rightful Stewardship, a Severan holiday based on gift-giving and general comraderie. Each squad member celebrates in their own way, and it looks like this is the calm before a terrible storm.


  • Alex – Cornelius. Operator for the Severan Dominate. Content to spend his life navigating an armored coffin behind enemy lines; nonchalantly melting the Enemies of the Emperor while yelling at his latest comrade for perceived incompetence.
  • James – Vorgen Nowak. A Heavy Gunner for the Severan Dominate. Always tries to be a reliable foundation for the team, either with his calm, collected style or his suite of heavy weaponry.
  • Josh – Aloysius Vance.  A quiet psyker from an aggri-world, saved from the Black Ships of the Empire by the timely revolt. He largely keeps to himself, fully aware that the rank and file are disturbed by his presence.
  • Kevin – Otho Valerius. Untested squad leader for the Severan Dominate. Still has a lot to learn about the ways of the Imperial Guard, but is determined to lead from the front with dignity and honor.
  • Max – Fortunus “Fort” Diggles.  Ogryn soldier for the Severan Dominate. Large among even his inhuman kind, Fort is mountain of a man that more closely resembles the mountain. He is always happy to fight alongside his fellow soldiers and support them in their ambitions. The complexities of war often escape him, but he serves with his own blend of loyalty, commitment, and inhuman strength.

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“District Four” Kevin MacLeod (
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