Rogue Trader – Collective Threat Finale

A long conquest.  Countless travels through the Warp.  The Inquisitors.  The unreliable navigators.  All of them have led to this.

The Brilliant Resolve sits in high orbit over Thorin’s Rest, its hulls, weapons and void shields now in top working order.  Faydra Ramirez and her crew look down on the long-since visited planet, fully geared up and ready to make their way down to deal with the collective threat.

For better or worse, this is where her story will end.

Phantom from Space Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  • Axe – Faydra Ramirez. Forty-year-old Lord-Captain of the Brilliant Resolve and current bearer of the Ramirez Dynasty’s Warrant of Trade. After a scandal that eventually saw her family’s prized Garden World confiscated and resold, she’s become increasingly unwilling to compromise her Imperial ideals, even if it means losing a chance at profit. Or being reasonable. A military commander first and foremost, she relies on the expertise of her crew to keep the Dynasty’s accounts ready to fund the return of as many planets as possible to the Emperor’s light.
  • Kevin – Herzog Luitger. 50 year old Master of Arms of the Brilliant resolve. Gray-haired and burly, Herzog is a decorated war hero from several campaigns in the Koronus expanse, bringing the word of the Emperor with fire and chainsword. When not serving with the captain, he can be found in the gym building his temple to the Emperor.
  • Max – Diannde. Choirmaster Telepathica of the Brilliant resolve. Short and dark haired with unearthly pale skin and a golden bird half-mask gene fused over her eyes and permanently seen with her strange amorphous snake and a bottle of amasec. An artificial witch created by a clandestine organization aboard a void station, Diannde was conscripted for her well crafted powers by the Ramirez dynasty, to whom she serves more loyally than Empire command.
  • Josh – Scylla. Thirty-ish Void Master of the Brilliant Resolve. Tall and well-muscled, she hales from a deathworld, where she fully excepted to live a short, brutal and, perhaps, glorious life. Instead, she was conscripted into the Emperor’s military, where she served exceptionally. She was recommended to the Lord Captain for her martial and piloting prowess by Master at Arms Herzog. She has a sick robo-bird named Charybdis.
  • Travis – Mord Champier. 57 year old Seneschal of the Brilliant Resolve. Old with a stooped posture and hawkish face, Mord comes from a long line of Ramirez family accountants. Seeking to make fortunes he left the service of the dynasty to parts unknown. He ended up not making much and getting stuck on a semi-heretical Mechanicus planet. When his path crosses with Faydra he joins her crusade to rebuild the Ramirez dynasty. His luck remains worse than a Guardsman’s aim.


  1. This was one of the best episodes you guys have produced I was on the edge of my seer for the entire last hour thank you for continuing to make better and better content!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, both for listening, and for comments like these. It’s easy to get discouraged as a GM when you’re talking at a microphone that isn’t talking back, and you start feeling stagnant. These comments really help. And this goes for you too, silent listeners, lurkers, one-time-posters. Just listening to our stuff is a big help too, and we’re really proud of the tiny little community we’ve helped make. We can only hope that you’re just as happy to be a part of it. Thank you for listening, everyone. We’ll try to keep upping our game in return.

  2. Really great ending. Maybe it is the CoC part of my mind but when everyone was getting crazy stuff for the battle, I was expected it to go much worse.

  3. Man, a Caledus trained inquisitor and then literally a C’Tan shard waking up? Another day in the Imperium of man. That said I was quite excited to learn a bit more about the Necron and looked up the specific C’tan you referenced so that’s always a plus. I hope if you guys (ax in particular) decides to run another Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader game I hope you get to play again.

  4. Awww no more warhammer 40k? I really like the stuff. I still havent watched your dark heresy podcasts, but after that i guess i will have to wait a while.

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