Monster Hearts – Camp Rosewater Finale

Everything is heating up in Camp Rosewater. Sex, danger, and hormones all mix together in a gross slurry of drama. Meanwhile, the thing in the caves below Camp Rosewater is waiting to make a deal…

Side Chatter


  • Nate – Maria Futura. Robot Girl.
  • Charlie – Barbara Ludo. Newly Social.
  • Max – Penelope.  Invisible girl who is angry at everyone.
  • Josh – Diogenes “Dio” Brandeaux.  Dragon.  Slept under a mountain.
  • Zach – Alison Kaiser. The chosen. Marked by the supernatural.
  • Hannah – Nicodemus “Nachos” Nakor. Cursed by a witch.  Muscle for Dio.


  1. Man, what a fun series. It’s a bummer the first half of this episode got lost but thanks to the PCs mentioning stuff it’s actually pretty easy to figure out the broad strokes.
    MonsterHearts is gr9

  2. Could we change Max’s nickname on the cast page to “Duchess of Hellas”? That would be perfect.

    1. I have had a litany of excessively long skype names, that among them. I’m currently a Magical Space Princess.

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