7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 3

Heists on the high seas are a fantastic idea, up until you realize you’ve stolen a ship that has no provisions for a voyage. The glamorous life of a swashbuckling adventurer – starving to death on an empty boat.

The crew of the Fantoma Reine will have to come up with something truly impressive to get out of this scrape…

Side Chatter

Music Credits:

“Achilles” – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  • Charlie – Nadire Fadila Demir. Overconfident sword dancer from the Crescent Empire.  Joined up with the ship’s crew in hopes of taking revenge on the pirate faction that kidnapped her family.
  • Susan – Francesca DiRagna. Righteous and pure Vodaccean nobility and Quartermistress.  Seeks to avail herself of a terrible curse which was placed on her by another Fate Witch.
  • Kevin – Valentin le Evariste. Hedonistic Montaigne nobleman and ship’s captain seeking fame and fortune on the high seas.  Fancies himself a proud and dramatic hero.  Wields an ancient puzzle blade and channels blood magic of Porte.
  • Axe – Declan MacKeiran. Hot-headed Innis fist-fighter, Boatswain, and all-time surly rough-and-tumble street smart crewmember.  Went out to sea to avoid a Geas placed on him and has since learned to roll with the punches.
  • Matt – Anne Holmvik. Merchant, inventor, surgeon, and gunfighter, jack of many trades and master of none.  A proud Vendel who has not forgotten the Vesten roots her country was founded on, she seeks to preserve the Living Runes without the necessary barbarism that keeps them alive.

2 thoughts on “7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 3”

  1. Another fun listen.

    Only comment i can think of is in regards to the storytelling scene. Instead of telling the players to roll wits, ask them to describe how they tell their story, and then base the trait used off of their description.

    I.e. the sword dancers tale is a perfect example to roll storytelling+panache. Because panache is pretty much doing anything with style and flair, its also commonly used by some as the social trait, but it all depends how you approch the social situation. A more reserved story, focussing on details and accuracy might be using wits.

    Also when players spend drama dice, they do go to the gm. You also might want to be careful with the npc rolls, it sounded like in the friendly punch fight on the ship, the npc was automatically gaining raises, only brute squads auto get raises, cause otherwise henchmen would be way too powerful.

    Hope that all helps.

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