Monster Hearts – The Harvester Episode 6

The monstrous high schoolers have thrown a dozen wrenches into the workings of the cult. The problem is, once you start messing with the harvester, he gets unhappy…

Side Chatter


  • Max – Holly: A popular girl who’s going through some life changes. Who knew blood was so hard to get?
  • Zach – Romaine: The only daughter of an established town family, trying to pick through the fragmented pieces of her former life.
  • Travis – Rix: An unstoppable, relentless force of nature. He just wants to have fun, though many would disagree on his definition of it.
  • Hannah – Hrothgar: A painfully normal, crushingly mundane guy. Just trying to be a normal teenager in a town where that’s becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Manda – Wren: The new girl in town. Everyone knows she’s something of a snoop, but no one’s pieced together that she lashes out at those who displease her with magic.
  • Nate – Marcus: He knows his town’s dark secret – it’s what got his family murdered. Though apparently, for him, it didn’t stick – thanks to timely intervention from a new friend.
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  1. Posted March 28, 2016 at 7:25 pm | Permalink

    This continues to be a really decent listen and digging the setting and atmosphere Axe is bringing to the table. The way the system and players work off of supernatural teen drama tropes has awoken that entertainment I remember having from shows like “Buffy”.

    My one nitpick of this is more an audio issue that perhaps could be worked out in the future? I understand getting lost in the moment of roleplaying but when people actually whisper or speak in character in hushed tones, it’s next to impossible sometimes to hear what exactly they’re saying without blowing out the volume for those sequence or series of. Dunno if this is something that could be looked at but it’s something that has irked me as a listener. Otherwise been an interesting ride, keep it up guys.

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