Monster Hearts: The Harvester – Episode 1

The town of Pottsville, New Hampshire. A Catholic island in a Protestant ocean; when founded, it used to receive the scorn of its neighbors. Recently, more unsettling reasons to distrust the Pottsville founders have arisen.

The town’s annual apple harvest festival starts in two days, bringing with it the only injection of tourists Pottsville ever sees. Dark forces gather power in these days and monsters walk among the citizens with secrets of their own. Most of them involve high school and romance. Some are more sinister…

Side Chatter


  • Max – Holly: A popular girl who’s going through some life changes. Who knew blood was so hard to get?
  • Zach – Romaine: The only daughter of an established town family, trying to pick through the fragmented pieces of her former life.
  • Travis – Rix: An unstoppable, relentless force of nature. He just wants to have fun, though many would disagree on his definition of it.
  • Hannah – Hrothgar: A painfully normal, crushingly mundane guy. Just trying to be a normal teenager in a town where that’s becoming increasingly difficult.
  • Manda – Wren: The new girl in town. Everyone knows she’s something of a snoop, but no one’s pieced together that she lashes out at those who displease her with magic.
  • Nate – Marcus: He knows his town’s dark secret – it’s what got his family murdered. Though apparently, for him, it didn’t stick – thanks to timely intervention from a new friend.


  1. Yes! Been waiting so long for the Monster Hearts games to start going up.

  2. Enjoyed this a lot. The characters, the atmosphere and the setting. A question though?
    Was there an unrecorded intro session? or was there just some character development prior to starting the game?

    1. What do you mean? This should be the introductory section. We did make characters before hand (I haven’t listened to the recording yet because I’m a monster), but as will be revealed later the characters in MH emerge a bit more fully formed due to the nature of MH character creation and how Axe does his pre-campaign creation.

      1. Ok, that’s what I started figuring when I looked at MH as a system and realized what other system it was built from. Cool.

      2. Axe worked out the small kinks in his per-campaign creation stuff I take from that a statement that is great to hear, he can always do a decent job as a Gm, or player good to hear.
        I’m enjoying this it was a nice quick little campaign to listen to, and may get around at some point to listening to it fully again.

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