Happiest Waste on Earth Ep 7 – Peaceful Meadow Blues


Having recovered a small amount of food supplies, the wastelanders depart Kismet Park once more in search of replacement parts for the Kismet Vault food synthesizers as well as a medical dispenser.  A simple 3 day journey to gather supplies from some remaining buildings.  What could possibly go wrong?

(Also whoops, no intro music this week.  A recording with the intro will be uploaded and replace the current entry)

Music Credits: The Ink Spots – “If I Didn’t Care” (https://archive.org/details/IfIDidntCare)


  • Zach – Alexandra “Alex” Raine.  A former dweller of Vault 101, raised by robots and unsure whether or not she is a robot herself.  She is learning much about the outside world and what it means to be human.
  • Nate – Vespara “Vespa” Kalin Adimik. Otherwise known as “The Exile” or “The Lady in Black.” A very capable gunfighter with a shady past.
  • Matt – Chris Yao.  A member of a splinter faction of the Followers of the Apocalypse, divided and traveling with this rag-tag band in search of a new home in the wastes.
  • Josh – LANCE-O 107.  A robotic knight from a medieval-themed restaurant and tournament who now rights wrongs across the wastes while on his quest to slay the black king Mordred.

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  1. “The Bubonic Plague” was the joke name given to a rat infestation at the restaurant LANCE-O worked at that caused the place to be shut down until the exterminator could come through. When he got there, LANCE-O had already killed all the rats.

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