Edge of the Empire – Fate Ascendant Episode 5


Taris: a world whose lower levels are a truer den of scum and villainy than anywhere in the universe. Our heroes must find some means of emerging into civilization. But old secrets and new evil lurk in their midst…


  • Nate –  Pird’evothu’imao (Devothui). Chiss Padawan who walked out on the Jedi Order after she failed to reconcile neutrality and her own personal sense of justice.
  • Manda – Sliss Sarkh.  A Trandoshan woman with a big debt and an even bigger lust for combat.
  • James  – Rexo Cairnu. A Rodian marksman and bounty hunter sworn never to kill his quarries.
  • Zach – Rolan Chance. Ace pilot and hopeless romantic.  Awfully posh for someone taking the kind of jobs he does.
  • Sam – Silus Bionte. The dashing young orphan son of a wealthy Bacta family who were destroyed in a coup.
  • Josh – DJ-4N60 (DJ).  Droid bounty hunter with a chip on his shoulder and an urn at his belt.


  1. Hey, great podcast, I been stalking you silently since the “little fears” on about the orphanage – actually adapted it to the non-nightmare (and darker) edition for my players here

    I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and you gang (and the Strand Gamers) are the two foreign podcasts I listen to about actual play (and Fear the Boot for mechanincs and musings) – and even among those, you´re the best, so keep it up!

    If you ever come down to south america drop a line, I wil be more than happy to host a game.

    The Internet is listening, don´t worry. 😉

    Rio de Janeiro

    1. Author

      Wow, our first comment from South America! I’m glad that you are drawing inspiration from our show and enjoying it so much. We really appreciate all of our listenership and support.

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