Ashton City Heroes Episode 1 – The New Liberators


Welcome to the Ashton Borough of Lexington, Virginia. Things are about to go to hell. Crime is on the rise and it is up to a new set of masked vigilantes to put it in check. For these young heroes, theirs will be a trial by fire.

Side Chatter


  • Matt – Rayyan Mu’mmar Ghannam (Techbag).  Southern Indian kid whose parents moved here from India in the mid-nineties and managed to find an okay life.  Ray doesn’t see his dad much but started reading his books and does some building on the side.  He developed a love for masks and uses his random collection of skills to fight crime in Ashton.
  • Manda – Ryder Owen (King Rush). Small-time motocross champion with a lot of confidence issues.  Turned his love for biking into a way to protect the people he loves and fulfill his need for speed.
  • Travis – Metra Crowell (RAM). Young girl local to the Ashton area.  After losing her arm in a car accident she got mixed in with the wrong crowd, but took inspiration from the Spirits of Prominence and constructed a gas-powered prosthetic to help clean up the Ashton City streets.


  1. Ne’er-do-well’s best beware. For if King Rush finds out that you have been doing wrong he will come in the night to flatten your flowers. I can only shudder in terror at the thought of what would happen if Rush ever found out that a villain has a full fledged garden.
    Oh, the humanity!

    All joking aside this is great. The characters are interesting and they had me laughing throughout the entire episode. Can’t wait to start ep. 2 and see what the group gets into next.

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