Spirit of the Century – Get In, Get Out, Get Threshed (Part 2)

Monaco is rife with intrigue, mystery, and scandal, and the Centurions are in the middle of all of it. Can they stop the sabotage of the race and find the group who assaulted the Ambassador’s party before it’s too late?


  • Nate – Tsura “Nova” Novosel. World famous Romani fortune teller. Said to be so accurate that she can actually predict the future. Also a flapper.
  • Sam – Richard Geoffery Calvin Biggles III. A former RAF Flying Ace. A bit too much of a daredevil who plunges headlong into danger and has one hell of mustache.
  • Zach – Garv Fibrizzo. Short and scrawny ex-British spy. Expert at underhanded things and wielding/throwing daggers. Has many connections – most of them to liquor bottles.
  • Josh – Saif al R’ad. Swarthy gentleman, solidly built. A magus of sorts, working as a custos of The Blazing Barrier, keeping people safe from the various supernatural threats of the world. Possesses a very powerful artifact which he claimed when he defeated the wizard FitcherStarplane.
  • Kevin – Julius “Lord Summer”August. An inheritor of a fortune at a young age, he has taken the role of a gentleman thief, learning to sneak or talk his way into places. During the war, he established a semi-private spy ring in Germany, reporting information back to the allies. Seeks fame and notoriety.


  1. Huh so finally finished this series the ending was cool.
    So Nate left this game? Why? Nova was an interesting character in the earlier games and helped a lot in the universe and create a certain charm to the group

    1. Author

      SotC wasn’t his taste and he wasn’t enjoying himself in the games.

      1. To Pulp? I guess I’m just confused if I am not feeling a game I’ll leave but want go on about, heck I’ll only ask/want a big last hurrah if I enjoyed the character etc.

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