Project PIXIE Session 30 – War Games (Part 1)

Note: The previous episode was lost due to hard drive failure.  We have since set up multiple redundant backups to prevent losses like this in the future.

Side Chatter


  • Matt – Leo Lucasovich Petrovski. Former olympic gymnast who was talent scouted by The Project. Possesses telekinesis.
  • Kevin – Janos Stelea.  Romanian.  Travelling fortune teller with a caravan until they settled in Russia.  Brought into The Project against his will.  Possesses minor precognitive abilities.
  • Nate – Cherry.  A recent recruit, doesn’t quite know her way around. Doesn’t talk about herself much, prefers to talk about others.  Sometimes even acts mysterious for the sake of being mysterious. Possesses the power of pyrokinesis.
  • Josh – Seraphim Komarov. Regular upper middle class kid until he was involved in a car crash.  His parents were killed but he walked away unscathed.  Possesses the powers of reactive telekinesis.
  • Charlie – Arsen Ziman. Born to a poor family in the steppes.  Joined The Project to learn medicine.  Possesses the abilities of motor manipulation and psychic surgery.


  1. I know that these games are from like a year in the past, so you memories may be a bit fuzzy, but can we have a summary of the missing episode? It sounds like quite a lot went down.

  2. James: “Bring him here.” (In response to Shasha taking Gen along for the run)
    Me: (Dies of laughter for a good 5 minutes at work)
    I don’t know why but with the whole situation at hand, the way James said that so perfectly had me near to tears.

    Also really strong drama stuff with Arsen at the beginning of this, had me on the edge of my seat.

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