Spirit of the Century – The Nether Agenda (Part 1)

Five daring new Centurions have been invited to serve as judges at a technology symposium in the Alps. When they arrive, not all is as it seems! Somewhere in the cold, a murderer is stalking scientists. Can the Century Club find and stop him, before it’s too late?


  • Nate – Tsura “Nova” Novosel. World famous Romani fortune teller.  Said to be so accurate that she can actually predict the future.   Also a flapper.
  • Sam – Richard Geoffery Calvin Biggles III.  A former RAF Flying Ace.  A bit too much of a daredevil who plunges headlong into danger and has one hell of mustache.
  • Zach – Garv Fibrizzo.  Short and scrawny ex-British spy.  Expert at underhanded things and wielding/throwing daggers.  Has many connections – most of them to liquor bottles.
  • Josh – Saif al R’ad.  Swarthy gentleman, solidly built.  A magus of sorts, working as a custos of The Blazing Barrier, keeping people safe from the various supernatural threats of the world.  Possesses a very powerful artifact which he claimed when he defeated the wizard Fitcher Starplane.
  • Kevin – Julius “Lord Summer” August.  An inheritor of a fortune at a young age, he has taken the role of a gentleman thief, learning to sneak or talk his way into places.  During the war, he established a semi-private spy ring in Germany, reporting information back to the allies.  Seeks fame and notoriety.

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