Project PIXIE Episode 10 – Two Minutes to Midnight

timebannerThe continuity of project PIXIE finds itself smack-dab in the middle of another flashback. A mission to St. Petersburg has gone wrong, somehow. The psychic operatives of PIXIE regain consciousness in an apartment they don’t recognize, having lost their memory of what they were doing.

The psychics must gather their memories and pierce together evidence in order to save themselves and complete their mission, before it’s too late.


  • Zach – Alexandra “Sasha” Lagunov. Athletic tomboy. Pressed into service with The Project.  Possesses the ability of chronomanipulation.
  • Manda – Anitchka Sylvestrova. Died once before in a car accident but was revived.  Possesses the abilities of astral projection, mediumship, and necrocommunication.
  • Josh – Mikhail. Picked up by the Project early in his life.  It is uncertain who his parents are.  Most senior member of the team.  Possesses the powers of gravity manipulation.
  • Charlie – Arsen Ziman.  Born to a poor family in the steppes.  Joined The Project to learn medicine.  Possesses the abilities of motor manipulation and psychic surgery.


  1. Iron Maiden fans, aren’t we?

  2. God, I nearly suffocated, I laughed so hard. And the ghost bros really reminded me of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and the whole “Do you ever think of yourself as actually dead?” monologue.

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