Prominence, SC Session 13 – Echoes (Part 1)


A month has passed since the climactic battle and the breaking of the gang siege on Prominence. People sleep safer in their beds, walk the streets at night unafraid of danger, and know that the Heroes of Prominence are watching over them.

The Heroes themselves are less safe. In the shadows, in the night, they are being challenged. Can they stand true against strange new enemies?



  • Matt – The Wraith.   Got his Masters in Electrical Engineering with a minor in acoustic design.  10 years back, shortly after beginning employment, his father was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  He got himself checked out and found out that he’s also positive for Hereditary Huntington’s.  With nothing to live for and nothing to lose, he decided to take down the mob before he died. That was great until he messed up.  Bad.  Now, he is a man with no name.  He works odd jobs under strange names and heads around town leaving notes, making sure that everyone knows they’re not alone in this city.
  • Manda – Lacey Clark (The Ghost). Seemingly apathetic, though very bright and goal oriented. Lacey gets bored with life extremely fast, looking for thrills to make life worth living. She entered the hero game after hearing stories on her mother’s news reports.  Agile and good with a gun, terrifying to lay your eyes on in a dark alleyway.


  1. Who was not laughing when Nate did the evil guy voice?
    I’m sorry but it’s both a great voice but so hammy that it turns around and becomes funny

  2. Solar plexus

    1. Author

      What are good places to hit a grappling assailant?

  3. Now I’m more interrested in this Jekl guy.

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