Prominence, SC Session 3 – Prominence Found


The mob stands victorious over the vigilantes of Prominence, SC. The Olympian, defeated, fled the city. Reverb went out in a blaze of glory, slipping quietly into the underworld in the chaos.

A new vigilante is skulking in the shadows. Ghost, an agile robber in a horrific mask, is looking into the sudden disappearances of Prominence’s very visible defenders.

Clarence Young receives a visitor, and an offer. A man without a name leaves warnings to the masters of industry, predicting a revolution.

Heroes are hard to kill in this city. They don’t stay down.

Side Chatter


  • Sam – Clarence Young (The Olympian).  Primed to be one of the most-winning medalists of the 2008 Bejing Olympics. His body was in peak physical condition, his mind was ready: but his entire career was about to come crashing down. A victim of Mob scheming and violence, his family was hurt, and he went out for vengeance.
  • Matt – The Wraith.   Got his Masters in Electrical Engineering with a minor in acoustic design.  10 years back, shortly after beginning employment, his father was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  He got himself checked out and found out that he’s also positive for Hereditary Huntington’s.  With nothing to live for and nothing to lose, he decided to take down the mob before he died.
  • Manda – The Ghost. A quiet mask with unknown intentions.  Agile and good with a gun, terrifying to lay your eyes on in a dark alleyway.


  1. 3×10 for a defense against projectiles and they are getting close so rolling 3 and greater widths for there attack?
    Damn those are dangerous thugs

    So Nate seems like no Paranormal powers etc.
    And question but why did you not Thump the grenade back Matt!!
    And didn’t Manda shoot that guy(The leader) twice in the chest? Was he wearing armor and what type of gun is Manda using?

    1. The gun that Ghost uses only deals shocks, not shock and killing.

      1. But. But. But. But. But. But…..
        Shock damage….
        Nayt you I never thought something so awesome could hurt so much, and at the same time make a part of me scream in rage. A rage I have not felt until I broke D&D and could no longer love it.

        Nayt… What I see you in RL, your getting the best hug from me to Manda.
        I love you guys sometimes

    2. Well, interference removes x number of dice rolled from a pool. If they were using spray weapons, they can use all sets for free so if they roll, say, 3 different matches, Interference can only break two of them. It’s a handy power, but not fool proof.


      Unless you did and you happen to roll real abysmal and cant make a high set.

      1. Long term interference applies to every attack, not just every person, since it represents a constant effect.

        1. Well, I don’t know which version of the rules you have and how it’s worded, but in the Essentials Edition I have it says Interference “removes one die of equal or lesser height from your target’s set or sets”. And I don’t see anything in it about permanent or endless being different, and later is says that “Interference on the Defends quality, they remove dice from a target’s attack dice pool.”, so I would presume a spray, being only one pool is interfered with once, even if the attacks may have different width. So I’d assume you just only have so many dice of interference to spend, and if you run out on an attack your interference is beat. But I don’t know for sure.

          I see your interpretation, but I like mine better because it makes Interference a little less potent which I like because it’s harder for players to just “NOPE” out of things.

          1. The version we have has a separate section that defines how interference works with extras that affect duration. And as it says it detracts from every attack, I assume it means every set targeting them. Also the game admits it’s ridiculously powerful.

          2. Yeah, then the edition you guys have is a different (and more powerful) version of Interference.

            Which brings back stickwood’s original point that holy shit, those are some tough thugs to roll attacks approaching 3-4+ width with guns to beat 3×10 Interference.

          3. Author

            It’s not Interference, actually. Any persistent defense gets applied to all sets, and Wraith has a defensive power with Permanent. This was confirmed by the Cult of ORE.

            The power was nerfed a bit later because yeah, needing a 5 width set to hit him is kinda madness. Also suppressing fire bypasses this power because that is far too many bullets.

    1. Author

      God, I really need to change that ringtone one of these days.

  2. When Wraith tells the other two vagrants to hod down the fort, I just imagine that they nod and basically go “Yeah boss sure.”

  3. I love how bad ass Wraith is in this! When are the Thugs gonna smarten up and realize that it’s smarter to hit him with a crow bar then to shoot at him? Also really liked the scene with Ghost and Wraith at the beginning after the fact, because at the time I didn’t realize it was him. I thought it was the Which with some more of his equipment. Also Wraith left a pretty scary first impression on Ghost didn’t he? Thought Ghost was supposed to be the scary one!

    1. Author

      Nah, Wraith took the job at that company to make sure no one got anymore of his weird sonic forcefield gear.

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