Engine Heart: The Tricentennial – Character Creation

Part 1 of 3 of a spontaneous game of Engine Heart by Viral Games.  If you are unfamiliar with Engine Heart (and don’t want to click the link), the basic setting is robots in a post-human world.

In this session, we create the characters that we will take to DC to solve mysteries in the Smithsonian in the distant year of 2076.

Characters created in this session:

  • Matt: KLEEN-SCRP-2455 (“Squeegee-bot”):  General purpose cleaning and window-washing robot
  • Sean: TERRA-DRILLER (“Drill-bot”):  Subway maintenance and digging robot
  • Nate: APA079-X (“APOX”) – General-purpose android.  Detective of Human and Synthetic Crimes.


  1. I think I’m having a robot overload. I’m listening to you guys designing robots while studying for a final in robotic design and manufacturing. Maybe the next two games will somehow help me not get my shit rocked in the final…

    I know this is the first game you guys posted, but do you plan on posting any of the character creation for future campaigns? It was cool seeing the though process of how you guys made the characters.

    On a side note I like how Matt’s inspiration for becoming an Electrical Engineering is scarily similar to my reason for becoming a Mechanical Engineering. He wanted to build robots, I wanted to build robots too, specifically giant fighting robots like Zoids and Gundams. I wonder if this means that next generation’s engineers will be drawn to engineering because the wanted to make Wall-E and EVE?

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