The crew of the Fantoma Reine all too eagerly found a way into the Grand Pirate Ball after they found out their invitations were. . . lost.  Following some time shopping in Montaigne for goods and fine clothes to hide some weapons, they managed to bluff their way into the party past a very familiar and ungrateful bouncer.  The company was found to be supreme, the food delicious, and all of the weapons carried openly and used freely.

The crew now finds themselves wishing they had read their invitations.

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War. War never changes. In the far reaches of the nuclear wastes of the Florida everglades, the future has been changed.

The protectorate of Kismet Park have fought and struggled and held their tiny light of civilization aloft amid strife. One way or another, all of that is about to come to an end.

Editor’s Note: A small part of this was lost and recorded a few months later. We apologize.

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Finally, the end has come. Eld, having stopped the city’s complete and utter destruction, takes a moment to smile as he plunges to the street below.

Leviathan has arisen. It’s up to Scott and his traveling companions to fight and defeat the monstrosity. Can they plunge into hell and come back alive?

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The Spirits of Prominence are waging their assault on Daniel Kaufmann’s private yacht. Barges have been stormed, thugs have been punched, and crane warfare has been introduced.

The heroes discovered that Kaufmann’s barges are full of kidnapped people. The authorities will arrive at midnight; they have until then to beat face in and bring Kaufmann to justice. Can they succeed in this climactic slugfest?

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After much trading and intrigue with the Xexorian vessel and the Sultan they met, the crew is working to avoid the massive storm coming their way. They begin to sail due south, even further off course.

Meanwhile life on the ship slowly settles back into routine, with all of the crew dealing with minor problems that have cropped up. Edouard drafts a new ship’s cook assistant, Yaeger fails miserably at sneaking into a locked room, and Leon, on his way to visit the Captain, finds Isae’s previous ‘suitor’ attempting to engage in lewd behavior. Leon attempts to show the man the error of his ways.

Unfortunately, knife fights in the middle of the ship about a woman don’t tend to go over well with authority. Needless to say, tensions on board are high, and are only going to get worse.

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