Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 25

She could feel them watching her. We see the Inquisitor, Seeta Venliss, hat off her head staring out the window. She had sealed her letters, the burning sensation of heated wax remaining on her hands reminding her of every word and failure. This town was dying. It had been for a long time, but she refused tooth and nail- Though the sentiment had come back to bite her. When she closed her eyes she could hear them, the screams, the crackling of buildings as she saw them casting harsh orange across her face and the streaks of blood and tears across the people. Her people. She awoke with a start, no time for that. No time for sleep.

The vampires had to fall. Or everything else would. His madness was contagious, and she was certain that this town would buckle under the weight of his ego. If it hadn’t already.
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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 26

Ireena Kolyana was surviving. She had always, and would never stop doing so. But now, today, left in this building she felt so small. She propped her cushioning better against the wood of the wall, and looked down at her book of nature lit by the flickering lantern light that managed to reach her. The words she hoped would sweep her away for now, from this subtly warmed cell and dark of the night and paranoia. She was wrong.

She didn’t hear those few words muttered from the other end of the structure, starting with “Excuse me why are you-”, before the guard’s voice vanished with a thick gurgling sigh. She didn’t smell his red black blood the color of her hair as it spilled across the planks. And she didn’t hear the approach of the tall blonde woman that walked up to the door. But she did hear when she spoke.

“Hello miss Kolyana.” she spoke, in an even and sweet tone that Ireena had not expected coming from the visage before her. “I think it’s time we get you out of that cell.”

Ireena struck to her feet to gaze across at this woman she had seen before, but who seemed so oddly elegant now standing outside her bars. “Grimhild?”

The woman smiled. “Not quite.” she said in a devilish whisper as Ireena took in more of the scene, the scent of blood and the reddening spots on this woman’s dress. She waited until the quivering gaze and stiff chin of the proud Stensian looked back up before speaking again.
“But you’ll find we have something in common. We both wish to protect you from the beasts that lurk out there. The only difference,” she paused, as if savoring the taste upon her tongue, “Is that I know the game they’re playing. And I know how to win.”
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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 27

Hell is real. To what extent is unclear, but the church needn’t have fables of fiends when they came unbidden all too real cackling in the night. There were holes that the Cathars knew about, gaping mouths of flame and sulphur. They dispensed the biddings of chaos and torment, crazed devils in seemingly infinite amounts and scheming demons to never truly be slain. They were portals to so much malign. And from a young age, Lady Wachter was enchanted.

It was one trip on an urgent journey that her mercantile father took her through the Needle’s Eye, her seat in the carriage barely raising her eyes above the draped windowsill. It was there she saw its activity: The Ashmouth, the maw of stygian forces glowing with an ambient menace. It lit the darkening earth in a warm and consuming radiance that felt as though it threatened to draw her off the teetering peaks. Only her father’s shouts roused her from her encompassing focus, as he bellowed at the teamster to move them faster away from the leathery sounds of wings.

She never forgot that feeling. She swore to find it again. There was so much out there. And she needed it all.
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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 28

What does it take to be evil? Was it a lack of morals, like a Shadowgrange shopkeeper charging exorbitant prices for his goods to eek out what riches he can, knowing that the land is dying? Or is it a lack of compassion, the same as a young wizard who had been trapped for so long, using and taking what can further his endeavors and ignoring aught else? Perhaps it is a lack of faith, seen in the cruel blades and sharp eyes of the Stensian hunter and the Vistani assassin? Or maybe a lack of loyalty, held in the plotting vampire with the face of a friend working in the shadows against her keeper? A lack of flexibility, seen in an inquisitor furious at the burning of her town raging against a power she knew not how to face?

Or just perhaps, a lack of fear. Of defeat. Of seeing something as impossible, no matter the costs, no matter the loss? Like a tinkerer searching for an answer feverishly to recover lost love and like an old man in the body of a beautiful tyrant wishing for drive and the soul and image of someone he thought he lost. Committing crimes in the name of the impossible that seems so possible. And that hope sometimes makes all the difference. But perhaps again, maybe this drive was their good.

Who knows what evil is listener, until you stumble across it? Perhaps we will find out.
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Dungeons and Dragons – Curse of Innistrahd Episode 29

Magic is a fickle thing. All practitioners know this whether their origins are holy or otherwise. Their intricacies twist and unravel into infinite threads of possibility, from which those lucky strands that are able to be made manifest coalesce as force. From mana to spell. From spell to action.

Viktor hated magic. Not the power it gave him, no that was useful. That let him be more than his skinny frame could be as he trudged the dark hills toward the sleeping giant of the windmill. What he hated was the esoteric rules. They way it pushed back against him. He drifted up the tired worn wooden steps to move to rap on the door.

He had done so much correct and so much still escaped him. The circle he made failed, sending wait staff in pieces to his yards. His undead creations limited and small cramped up in the attic, mostly the bodies of cats he took from the town. But he had practiced and learned. He waited, heart in throat as the noise of shuffling footsteps approached him. Hopefully those sacrifices were enough to prove himself, as the door creaked open.
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